Phuea Mae Phae Bo Dai (2023)

Phuea Mae Phae Bo Dai (2023)

Phuea Mae Phae Bo Dai (2023)


The following Series Phuea Mae Phae Bo Dai (2023) is a Thailand  Drama starring Mind Atitaya, Kao Jirayu La-ong, Rudklao Amratisha.

Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Plot:Phuea Mae Phae Bo Dai (2023)

Koi is a young woman who has grown up in a rubber tree plantation her entire life, and now has dreams of improving it. Unfortunately, the powerful millionaire who is the plantation’s creditor has plans to seize it for himself, but Koi refuses to allow that to happen.

Trin is a young businessman who owns a rubber mattress factory and makes an offer to buy her family’s plantation. Because Koi has no intention of letting anyone take her plantation, the two enter into a rivalry.

Original name: เพื่อแม่แพ้บ่ได้

Original Network:

Country: ,



Total Episodes: 31 Episode(s)

Genre: , ,

Other name: Phuea Mae Phae Bo Dai (2023)Phuea Mae Phae Bo Daiเพื่อแม่แพ้บ่ได้เพื่อแม่แพ้บ่ได้ (2023)Peua Mae Pae Bor Daai

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